Build a Cloud-Native Web App in 8 Weeks

Hosted by Chariot Solutions
December 9, 2020 — Noon to 1:00PM EST


Delivered by Ken Rimple, Director of Training and Mentoring at Chariot Solutions

In this webinar, Ken will explain how to take a new application from concept to production in AWS in eight weeks. You’ll learn how you can organize the overall development effort, get a head start on application development using Docker, build up the cloud architecture using CloudFormation, leverage AWS managed services to reduce application complexity, configure security using Cognito and JWT, and use AWS CodeBuild to run tests against the application.

Along the way, Ken will recommend some solutions for common challenges you’ll face.

Chariot has delivered a number of solutions with these techniques, and this information is hard-won but key for success. Make sure to register a spot for this webinar and get a jump on building your own cloud-native web apps.

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About Ken Rimple

Ken is the Director of Training and Mentoring Services at Chariot Solutions. He works with individuals and teams, helping them level up their skills every day. Learn more about Ken

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