All the AWS CodeBuild You Can Stomach in 45 Minutes

Hosted by Chariot Solutions
September 22, 2020 — 10AM to 11AM EST


Delivered by Ken Rimple, Director of Training and Mentoring at Chariot Solutions

OK, let’s face it. Continuous Integration tools are a dirty business. You hack up a local build to make it run somewhere in the cloud. But building cloud-native or cloud-friendly code is an even dirtier business. I’m here to help, as I just finished working with CodeBuild for a project and have some challenges I’ve wrestled with. So, as is my typical pattern, I want to show you what I’ve learned, too.

In this 45 minute talk I’ll give a quick overview of AWS CodeBuild, then dive into a few of the challenges I’ve faced, from dealing with build errors properly, configuring CodeBuild to run inside of AWS, testing locally so you don’t go crazy waiting for 15 minutes each time you deploy a new build, how to properly access your build artifacts and reports, running tools like Cypress, to building and deploying Docker containers to ECS, and more. Whatever fits into 45 minutes plus a jovial 15 minutes of QA, you got me.

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About Ken Rimple

Ken is the Director of Training and Mentoring Services at Chariot Solutions. He works with individuals and teams, helping them level up their skills every day. Learn more about Ken. 

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